A cup of ice cream   Leave a comment

A cup of ice cream I bought for me
I slowly eat it bit by bit
And here we are sitting
vis–à–vis, laughing

A cup of ice cream I bought for you
It wouldn’t last forever
Or even in a single hour
But it’s an addictive pleasure

It’s a gorgeous view
To see you chew
I give you half of mine
To prolong this very time

Candle lights dim us
Alarming this limited chance
A temporal, small chat

While waiting for the cup to dry
Before he takes you fly
and we’re saying goodbye

Posted 11 June 2015 by Rizal in Blogs

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Oblivion   Leave a comment

I wonder how…

One line of conversation
alters the composition
of God’s creation
in abrupt moment.

Don’t you observe…

The atom interaction
to create variation
of matter’s combination
emerges confusion?


Let’s create a definition
for this sickening fashion
A merely deception
of infatuation.

Well, then

Is it funny affection,
or a chemical reaction
from the body
desiring copulation?

Posted 27 May 2015 by Rizal in Blogs

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