Tracking or be tracked?   4 comments

It will very annoying if someone tracked us anytime and anywhere using GPS tracking technology. For example, I want to go to hang out with my friend, but my girlfriend tracked me using a tracker on my car. Then she knows what I do anytime! Where is the privacy, huh?

But there is some positivity. If you need to track your employees you can use the GPS tracking technology. So you will know what he has done with your car. Or for your kids, perhaps? So you can aware where they are going.

So, which one do you choose, tracking or be tracked? What tracking applications could you come up with?

Posted 24 October 2008 by Rizal in Review

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4 responses to “Tracking or be tracked?

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  1. Well, if you can find where the device is attached, you can just disconnect it.

    If someone asks about it, you can just tell them the wire might have come loose. Or maybe there’s a short somewhere in the wires from the battery.

    There are ways around surveillance of this type.

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