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Hmm… This topic is very interesting for most people who work with the latest technology, i think. Yeah, network security is a crucial problem because it’s all about a really big matters.

I ever bought a switch from Bandung Electronic Center. I thought it was an old switch. When I get a blackout, the switch can not turned on again. It was very bad experience. Then I’m looking forward to the Internet to find a high quality networking hardware, and I found Infinit Tech and their products.

This corporation made a lot of products, including server, and other telecommunication hardware. They also held a CISCO Training. Wow! Everybody must be wanted to certificated by Cisco.


Posted 22 January 2009 by Rizal in Komputer

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4 responses to “Network Security

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  1. and..
    the point for this post is….

  2. oh..
    i c i c..
    this posting was made for cari duit belaka kan??
    please make some disclaimer just like punyanya ichanks dong..
    gue kan bego, jadi i dont understand what are you write disini..

  3. hhe ,
    kagok ahh ,
    da bentar lagi juga mau pindah blog

  4. network security is really big security system software is use electronic showroom. telecommunication hardware department is very use of network security.


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