How do you choose a webhost?   2 comments

As you are already know, I have my own self-hosted blog at In fact, I still not satisfied with my current webhosting, because the data access always interupted. And it’s very annoying. The good news are, it’s free! Hahaha.

Many people still doesn’t know how to choose a web hosting. Here are some web hosting tutorial from me:

1. What is the web for.

If you would create an enterprise or e-commerce website, you’d like to choose a dedicated server for your own. But if you just need to build some blog, i think you just need a cheap web hosting.

2. Where is the data center.

This is rarely important. If your visitor is just in your country, locate your server in your country. But if your visitor is global, i think you should place your server in US.

To learn more  about web hosting, I found a web hosting article that very useful to try.


Posted 6 February 2009 by Rizal in Tips

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2 responses to “How do you choose a webhost?

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  1. ???? artinya tetep dilarang merokok ya????

    *buka kamus bahasa nigeria*

  2. *disclaimer*

    postingan yang berbahasa inggris ga usah dibaca.

    tau kan kenapa? hihihihihihi

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