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When we install new computer application, operating system will change the registry so it recognized the new file extension. And when we uninstall it wrongly, there could be a lot of problem you will have like unrecognized the file extension that already uninstalled.

First, we will talk about file extension BIN (*.bin). This file is mostly know as AVG Antivirus update file. But this file is also recognized as binary file and it’s used in operating system. In fact, this file can be opened in 12 ways! So the approx of a crush is very heavy.

Secondly is file extension TMP (*.tmp), or widely know as temporary file/folder. Yes, there is a lot of software application used it as temporary file. Because of a lot of application used it as temporary file, many people open this TMP file extension with wrong application.

And last but not least is file extension DLL(*.dll). DLL is stand for Dynamic Link Library. It usually used in Windows file system and maybe if you are a Visual Basic developer, you always work with this file system. So it would be a little bit conflict if you don’t know how to use it.


Posted 2 April 2009 by Rizal in Komputer

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