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Blog without a picture is a hoax.

Yeah, I ever heard that statement from my friend’s blog when I got blogwalking. I’m agree with that statement, because when you describing a thing in your blog, you have to give a visual description. That can be a photo of a place or something.

But which one do you choose? A pocket camera or the professional camera? I prefer the pocket one, because of its size. I need to bring it wherever I go, so the size is a matter. The simplicity is more important than its quality.

Then I browse for a camera on Internet. There are several list of great camera on this digital camera shop.

I always love and wanted to buy a Canon camera. My friend told me that if I want to buy a camera, chose the Canon camera. He also said that Nikon camera is great because of it strength.

So, which camera do you choose?


4 responses to “Digital Camera Shop

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  1. Dear Friend

    Thank you for the information written here. Its help me to look for digital camera. Thanks

  2. Price, speed, easy of use and video quality are some of the key features to consider before purchasing any digital camera.

  3. A digital camera is good when you want to only post a couple of pictures in a non-photographic webpage/blog… However, for future use and everlasting purposes I feel a professional DSLR camera would be great. Mainly because of the innumerous options that we have with it. Also, the precision/accuracy are all sooo good!

  4. Canon and Nikon are both great, especially DSLR in combination with a good flash, but I think that pocket camera it’s good enough for casual shooting. If simplicity is more important than quality, then the pocket camera is the right choice. Marko

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