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Do you know about mailhost? The mailhost file is usually used by the Microsoft MSN Explorer program. It is a web browser that very similar with Internet Explorer.

But, MSN Explorer integrates several features of MSN and Windows Live, such as Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger. Versions 6 and above were included with the Windows XP operating system and Version 7 can be downloaded for those who don’t have an MSN service provider.

MSN Explorer was formerly available for free, but as of Version 9, those who wish to use MSN Explorer now have to pay for a subscription to use the software, plus have a Windows Live ID. A Windows Live ID is essentially a single account that allows the user to log into and use several websites and applications. Windows Live Hotmail, MSNBC, and the .NET Messenger Service are only a few out of many sites and web-based applications that use the Windows Live ID service. Other companies that are affiliated with Microsoft also use the Windows Live ID service.

After you install this program, all you have to do is check the file extension mailhost. A file that uses the extension mailhost will usually appear as “MSN9.mailhost”. The number that appears within the file name will usually be named in accordance to the version of the MSN Explorer software. For example, if the MSN Explorer version is Version 7, then the file will appear as “MSN7.mailhost”. This file extension mailhost is a proprietary Microsoft format and it is also an essential component of MSN Explorer. Otherwise, the program will fail to function as intended. In the event that the mailhost file is missing or corrupt, the MSN Explorer program will display an error regarding said file.

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