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Writing is a result of brain power of someone. It bears from many aspects, and the former aspect is when the writer feels his existence on his society as an individual. In this time, the people started to find his human rights in particular. So, there are many literatures about finding the rights, including Addison’s “The Royal Stock Exchange” and Mary’s “Vindication of the Rights of Woman”.

Addison’s “The Royal Stock Exchange” represent about how the stock exchange in London are in the beginning of the story. Later, it tells how strong the role of merchant in England in the end of the story. Without merchant, there will be no exchange between the public stocks. So, there will be no money that they get from trading for they and the country get.

Ere statement show how the individual person is really important in his country. Even though there are many aspects that help in developing his country on the society, the merchants are separated from the society, and written clearly on its role. Moreover, in the last paragraph, the writer made a statement that the British territories were enlarging because of trading.

Differ from “The Royal Stock Exchange”, Mary’s “Vindication of the Rights of Woman” tells about the human rights particularly the rights of woman. In fact, the whole story tells the human right clearly and specific, from the prevailing opinion of a sexual character until parental affection in woman rights.

In a part of this passage, woman should consider as a human, not just a female. It means, in that time, female behaved not like a human being, but more to an assistant of male just like the true style of Mahometanism.

In conclusion, in these two passages, they show that the individual concept is important, because it is related with role and rights of a person. Probably, if the writers don’t feel or act likes an individual, they will never triggered to write it.

4 responses to “Individual Concept in Writing

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    mantep amat!
    hiks, gw jd malu kalo inget tugas gw yg ini :0

  3. hehee, iya
    gw kalo ada tugas suka di posting :D

  4. ngacir ke gugel translet dulu..

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