VFXY Weekly Themes: Birthday   2 comments

It’s been a long time since my last post for VFXY Weekly Theme. I don’t have any idea for this theme, so I’ve just post and submit a photo about my friend birthday which is very out-of-date :p

Dila's Birthday

This photo was taken on December 31th 2008, when Dila had her 17th birthday. We also celebrated the new year at the moment. We played cards until morning and woke up in the afternoon.

Posted 19 June 2010 by Rizal in Thru My Lens

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2 responses to “VFXY Weekly Themes: Birthday

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  1. Pertama-tama saya mau bilang, hai Ijal, long time no see.

    Lalu kedua, hai Ijal, apa kabar? Kangen… :|

    Dan ketiga, MANEH ETA POTO URANG! Ngga adakah foto lain yang lebih meningkatkan martabat saya sebagai seorang wanita, dibanding itu yang lagi megang kartu kayak wts? Ngga adakah, Jal? Ngga ada??? *nangis darah*

  2. hahahahaha, ga ada lagi fotonya dil. pis! :D

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