Curriculum Based Practice in My Vocational High School   3 comments

Professional human resources are really needed by the industries nowadays. However, senior high school, which is learning more on theories than practices, could not afford the needs. The government tries to solve this problem with improving and adding more vocational high school to produce ready-work high school graduates. So, there are several different materials of learning between vocational high school and senior high school.

I graduated from vocational high school named SMKN 4 Bandung. I took Software Engineering program. I studied there in four years, because there is an additional one year for job practice in real industry. I think study in vocational high school has much advantage, including job practice program, job expo, more practice in learning and many more. Besides, I was really curious in software development, so I decided to study in vocational high school.

At first grade, I learnt about basic electronic. I learnt about how to calibrate a capacitor, diode, LED, IC, and how to make and design PCB using computer. Also, I learnt about basic office application like Microsoft Office, due to certification at the end of the second semester. I was heading many certifications in this school, because vocational high school is based on the competency which is represented by a certificate.

At second grade, I further learnt about programming and database management. There were several programming language I learnt, such as C, C++ and Basic. This subject was very interesting, because I can create many software applications from it. I also learnt about algorithm, a subject that concerning about how to solve problems step by step with a programming language. The database management subject let the student to manage and design a database which has to be applicable into such enterprise application. Oracle certification, which is used to measure database management skill, was very wanted by people who work with database, because it will be priced incredibly high by the industry. But on this stage, the student just learnt by using small database management that is Microsoft Access.

At the third grade, the student focus learning Java programming, web development and advanced database management using SQL syntax. Many people said that Java programming is the future programming language. So, all of the software application will be based on this language. Web development subject includes web programming, designing and management. Actually, maybe this subject was the most desired, useful and applicable for me than all, because to succeed in programming and database management work field, you have to further learning it in higher institute to compete with the university-graduated.

At the fourth grade, which is the final grade, I had to apprentice in some company. And then, I was employed in a software house named Telematika Edukasi Indonesia in Dago, Bandung. This job practice program was very useful, because I learnt so much here particularly in web development. Besides, I got many experience in real industry like dealing with deadline and had to be professional when working.

— tulisan yang sangat boring sekali :p

3 responses to “Curriculum Based Practice in My Vocational High School

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  1. enak

  2. this is interesting. so how did you end up at the English Department? just a bit curious :D

    • hehehe, i don’t know.
      i just graduated from my highschool and voila!
      i love learning something different, and I was so bored with IT, and it seems learning literature were very fascinating.

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