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The Dream of the Rood is one of the Christian poems that written by Cynewulf. It tells about someone who dreams about a tree on which Jesus’ cross was made from it.

Firstly, he told that in his dream, he saw wondrous, beautiful rood-trees which lifted into the air, accessorized with gems and covered by gold. The dreamer was lying a long time there, until he heard the tree spoke.

Then, the tree told its story. It was started when the tree was cut down from the edge of the forest and men made the tree to become a cross. The cross then was placed on a hill. After that, he saw men brought Jesus on to the cross. The cross refused to bow down when the tree saw the earth tremble. Jesus and the cross became one as the enemies pierced them with dark nails. A short time later, Jesus finally died and all of the creation wept. Subsequently, the men cut down the cross to the earth and buried it together with Jesus’ corpse. The cross then arose to the heaven and commanded to the dreamer that he had to tell this vision to human mankind.

After got the vision, the dreamer prayed for the cross and hoped that he could find the tree and honor it well. He hoped that the time when the cross of Jesus which he saw on his dream will fetch him and will bring him to where great bliss is or maybe simply called heaven.


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  1. One of the “possible” authors is Cynewulf; no?

  2. i am not really sure, because in my resource it is said that the author is Cynewulf.

  3. i think the poem is actually a story of the crucifixion of Christ from the point of view of the cross itself. The experience of the cross appears to the narrator in a dream and he recounts it.

    At least this is what the intro to the poem in my book is telling me.

  4. we get many important information from u’r article in a easy way

  5. thanx to post this article by using easy language

  6. well organized and good

    mirza nishat anzum
  7. actually i need some quotes from the poem.

  8. to be honest i study english literature and the author of the dream of the rood is unknown until now!!

  9. I’m told in my class that poet is not found as it goes with anonymous poet.

  10. When I read the poem I didn’t understand it but now it is clear to me.

  11. Thanks to give the summary in such easy way

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