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Have you been a teenager? Of course we have. A teenager, or teen, is a young person whose age is between 13 and 19. Teenagers go through a lot of change in this period, and usually we called it puberty. Furthermore, teenagers usually want their existence admitted by the people so that they are involved in naughtiness. There are several kinds of naughtiness, including cheating, bullying, and pornography.

The first issue we would talk about is cheating. Cheating is just like a culture for teenagers when they get an examination. Teenager creates a lot of cheating technique like opening the book, browsing by the phone or asking their friends. This behavior makes the teen lazy to think and cause their score dropped.

And the second issue is bullying. Bullying is a negative action in order to hurt another person. It usually happens in orientation period of high school by the senior to the junior. There are three forms of bullying, that is emotional, verbal and physical. Moreover, bullying could affect student both physical and psychological.

And the last issue is pornography. Recent technology like internet or camera phone made us easy to share picture or video with others. However, some teenagers try to show their body off or their sexual activity to public. This abuse of technology could be called pornography, because they break the moral rule of society and that is a crime, too.

In conclusion, the naughtiness is getting serious and serious by the time. Even more, the latest issue may bring them to the jail. The first thing to cover up these things is parental advisory, because they are in charge to preserve their children from bad behavior. Parents should give more attention in this teenage period for their own good.


Posted 5 October 2010 by Rizal in Essays

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