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It’s been a long time since I’ve listened to my old radio. When I was in an elementary high school, I would listen to the radio rather than watch television. There are many programs that was very interesting, from storytelling to requesting a song by telephone.

Nowadays, we can hear radio broadcast from our phone anytime and anywhere. The internet also makes us easier to listen radio both local and abroad radio station. Furthermore, we can broadcast a radio from our home transmitted via internet, or simply we can call it webcasting. We just need to have a computer with internet connection, so we don’t need any particular radio receiver. The only one radio station I always listen is Radio Gemasi.

Radio Gemasi is a self-broadcast radio station which conducted by English Department student organization. Radio Gemasi started to broadcast in few weeks ago, so maybe a lot of student have not know it. Moreover, the radio station has not publicized very well, for example in student wall magazine or just verbal conversation.

There are some programs I like. We can request a song or just getting into the discussion easily via internet, and it will be heard for real. So, don’t be scared requesting or giving a comment on the discussion. Usually, there are two platforms to chat between the radio station and the listener which are Twitter and Facebook. Radio Gemasi doesn’t use phone for communicating, though it could be happened.

Radio Gemasi goes on air on Monday and Friday from 8pm to 10pm. Maybe they lack of human resources, so they just broadcast the radio in a very short time. Also, because this is an independent radio station and just started broadcasting, they haven’t had a standard radio staff, like creative team, marketing and so on.

I think, Radio Gemasi is a great example of advanced media usage. Differ with any conventional radio stations, Radio Gemasi is more communicative than others, because the radio announcer is our friends too and the topic of conversation is about our daily life in the university. This is another example of media convergence. Radio broadcast, television broadcast, even printed media like magazine or newspapers can be accessed via internet.

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