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On several months ago, a ton of lecture and other university activities made me lack of information. I don’t know what were happening, and couldn’t joint the recent conversation with my friends, because I had no time to read news, both from television and newspaper. So, I thought I had to start buying a newspaper. Then finally I bought newspaper named “Koran Tempo” and until now I like to read it. There are some reasons why I prefer to read Koran Tempo than other newspapers.

Firstly, I think the size of the newspaper is more compact than the others. The size is smaller, a half size of common newspapers. It makes Koran Tempo easy to handle and to be carried. It is very important for me, because I usually read the newspaper on a bus, and the size would not bother me.

Secondly, Koran Tempo has nice illustrations. Illustration makes people easy to understand what topic is happening and what the content of today’s newspapers is. The first page of Koran Tempo usually shows big illustration of the headline. It makes Koran Tempo more interactive.

Thirdly, the founder of Tempo Group, the Koran Tempo publisher, is my favorite writer, Goenawan Mohamad. Goenawan Mohamad has made many writing, including essays, poetries, anecdotes and critics. So, I have more desire to read his work.

And the last reason is that Koran Tempo has lower price for students. The student rate is a half price of the general price. Koran Tempo is priced Rp 3.000 while with the student rate we can bring it for just Rp 1.500. We can find the student rate edition near our campus, but it still hard enough to find it around my housing complex.

Media has big responsibility to the human being, because it will be the first references to what is happening with the world. Printed media still has its power, although the printed one nowadays is slightly placed by non-printed media, like television or Internet. As a reader, we have to be smart to know where is news that we have to consume, because in the reality, there are many media which makes us merely misinformed.

Posted 18 November 2010 by Rizal in Essays

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