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Communication is our daily needs. Every day, we do communicating, both for our social life or business life. By the time, people invent better way to communicate. For example, people were using mail to send messages to distant places. Now we can use e-mail to send messages, through the internet. Internet is the key of communications at the present, because it enhances the way people to communicate massively. There are four reasons why the internet enhances communications: the price, speed, media and formats.

Firstly, internet is the cheapest way among other communication platforms to communicate. Imagine how much cost you have to spend for creating hundreds mail or texting or calling to invite your friends to your birthday party. Simply you can reduce your communication cost by internet, because no matter how chats or e-mails you would send, it would not affect the price.

Secondly, communication will be faster through internet. We can chat, send e-mail, watch video or call a friend live by internet connection. Social networking sites make us easier to keep us up-to-date with friends’ statuses. Also, subscribing news via RSS feeds makes information coming to us and updating our news quickly. In addition, the time that is spent to send message to everywhere in the world will be the same. There is no delay in communication through internet.

Thirdly, we can access the internet anytime and anywhere via computer, notebook, tablet computer, even from your mobile phone. It will be very important for the places that lack of information access like villages and other places that far from cities. Now a cell phone company has been developed a cell phone that can access weather forecast through internet. This is very useful for farmers to know the weather condition and time to grow crops.

And last, internet offers varieties of formats in communicating. You can communicate by text with chatting. You can send any kinds of document by e-mail. Application like Skype makes everyone possible to call another person who uses the same application. Also, we can send picture and videos by e-mail or share it through social networking sites.

To conclude, internet has been extremely developed into an indispensable thing. We cannot separate between internet and communication, because internet has very big role in our communication. But sometimes, there are places that haven’t get any internet access. So, we hope that our government builds more infrastructures on those places for better communication in our country.

Posted 4 December 2010 by Rizal in Essays

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