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Our country is growing to be a bigger and bigger country. The growing of human population makes the big cities more crowded. Transportation has become a common problem in every big city, because so many people live, study and work there and they need to transport to several places every day. For many years, I have been lived in Cibaduyut, Bandung, on which the main street is always got traffic jam. There are three reasons why Cibaduyut always gets traffic jam: flood, the tourism buses and the housing complex.

Bandung particularly in South Bandung region is very famous with the flood. The Baleendah and Dayeuhkolot region are areas around Cibaduyut which almost certainly flooded due to overflowing of the Citarum River. Of course, it will impact the transportation in Cibaduyut. And in many times, flood also happened in Cibaduyut itself because of clogged drains by waste, especially shoe industry waste.

Cibaduyut Street is very well-known because of its shopping tourism, especially in shoes industry. So, Cibaduyut Street becomes Bandung’s tourism spot and many local tourists visit Cibaduyut. They usually come from Central Java and Jabodetabek. On the other hand, the buses those bring them all makes the traffic gets crowded. On a weekend, it can be up to ten to fifteen buses pass the Cibaduyut Street. Because the street is not quite large, so often it makes traffic jam.

Cibaduyut can be said is a connecting road between commercial area and residence area. There are many housing complex in the southern region, while in the northern region is the center of Bandung, in which there are many shopping area, industry and schools. On peak hours at 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., the vehicles are certainly going to make congestion, because all vehicles, whether it is cars or motorcycle, use this road together in the same time.

Actually, the transportation problem comes from other city problems, like garbage, environment and housing allocation. So, we and the government have many things to do. We can start to use mass transportation or bicycle rather than personal car, because it can reduce the transportation volume on the street. The police are really needed in many street junctions to control the vehicle passing. Transportation is the vein of the city, so it has to be no problem on it or the city will not run well.

2 responses to “Traffic Jam in Cibaduyut

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  1. belum lagi bau sampah yg kembali menyeruak :(

  2. sampah di cibaduyut udah ada yang ngabisin seperempat jalan, bikin macet. parah pisan lah

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