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Acting or performing arts on the stage is not merely a play, because dancing, I think, is a kind of acting. A dance or a play performance has many similarities, so that it can be analyzed in the same way. Like the performance of Jabbawockez, a dancing band who win the first season of America’s Best Dance Crew, there are some aspects of dance performance which is also included on the play.

Different with play, dance sends its message by the choreography. Jabbawockez has many variations of choreography, including the collective movement and the individual movement. Generally, they dance in hip-hop style. Because they performance are purposed to get a heavy support from the audience, they need to make the crowd astonished. So, mostly on their performance they need to make a fast choreography to get rid of boredom. Also, they create much unique choreography, like performing one of the members as a stage property. In addition, they sometimes add a narrative story on their choreography and it is usually wrapped with a funny movement.

Because they employ hip-hop dance, of course the music has to be supporting the dance. They always use hip-hop music with a rather fast beat so that it gives a vibrant nuance. Hip-hop music usually uses electronic instruments including synthesizer, disc, and so on. The rhythm of the music is synchronized with every movement of Jabbawockez’s. The music supports the narrative aspect on their dance. The dance is based on the material of the music lyric.

They always use a uniform costume, with a same hat and make-up. In their performance, they never reveal their faces. They always use masks and gloves. Maybe it is done to make the same expression of each member, so they are not recognized as an individual, but as a team. Sometimes they use a contrast color for their gloves. It makes the attention of the audience turns to the movement of the gloves. Moreover, the costume is sometimes customized according to the theme of the performance. When they act as military officers, for example, they use a military pattern on their clothes and the helmet.

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