Hello. My name is Mohamad Noor Rizal. I’m a kid born and raised in Bandung, Indonesia. I’m studying English Literature in Universitas Padjadjaran now, but I studied about software engineering earlier. Sounds weird, huh?

I love reading, and it makes me curious about writing. So I create this blog to fulfill my writing enthusiasm. I put a lot of things in this blog: my college assignment, projects that I’ve done, reviews, photos, journal and much more.

At present, I have many activities, including basketball, freelancing at TEI, joining some university organization, commuting between Jatinangor and Bandung, sleeping on the bus and of course, blogging. I also a member of Bandung Blog Village. These activities are quite enough to make me looked like a bag of bones. But generously, I always try to enjoy it.

Mail: anglophilez@gmail.com
Y!m: nullsoftplayer
Flickr: flickr.com/photos/nullsoftplayer
Facebook: facebook.com/mnrizal


Posted 6 July 2008 by Rizal

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